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Sometimes it’s ok to take risks, but not with your business.

Imagine the unimaginable: lawyers who actually understand agents, because they were agents. Lawyers who will guarantee to double your profit, without risk. Lawyers that are fully transparent, giving you full telephone and online access to their live case history, correspondence screens, and a private 24/7 portal to view numbers quoted, converted, live cases, exchanged, completed, fall-throughs – and even profit made.

Imagine a lawyer so confident and hungry to please that your vendor doesn’t pay their costs if they're not 100% happy with their service.

Now imagine working with AVRillo, the UK's highest awarded conveyancing lawyers, trusted by the industry and clients alike, with best supplier awards from ESTAS, The Negotiator, The Sunday Times, as well as over 500, 5* Google, Trust Pilot, Feefo reviews, and 20,000 successful sales.

How does AVRillo do it?

  • Our lawyers are trained to think like agents, to communicate, and problem solve.
  • Our lawyers get paid commission. If you don't get paid, they don't either. They’re hungry to complete, with a record 95% success rate (just 5 % fall-throughs compared to the 37% UK average abortive rate).
  • They love the phone. Our lawyers are trained to call the chain, broker problems, negotiate commercial solutions, and communicate openly with you and their clients.
  • They work twice as fast. Their speed is contagious, with other lawyers in the chain motivated to catch up and work more quickly too. You complete twice as fast (avoiding delays, which last year accounted for 112,000 fall-throughs with other lawyers, but not on our cases).

What next?

Try us. We won't even tie you in, judge us on our results.
Call 0208 370 3877 or email
We promise you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

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