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Land for rent: Arable Land To Let by Informal Tender - Cowbit Wash

Reference: 35574_101505013906


Agricultural Letting


The majority of land lies in and around Cowbit Wash, Lincolnshire. Cowbit is approximately 4.8 miles south of Spalding Town Centre. Cowbit is a short distance from surrounding rural settlements such as Crowland, Moulton Chapel and Weston Hills. The land comprises of two separate lots (also available as a whole.)

Land parcels are shown on the Plan attached to these Particulars (for identification purposes only and not to scale).

An opportunity to acquire an initial five-year Farm Business Tenancy of 98.84 Hectares (244.23 Acres) or thereabouts of good quality productive agricultural land situated in and around Cowbit, Lincolnshire available in two lots or as a whole.

All of the parcels are of a regular size and shape, suitable for modern agricultural machinery. Served by farm tracks with good access to major roads. Many of the fields are separated and bordered by drainage ditches. A copy of the Plan is shown attached to these Particulars (for identification purposes only and not to scale) hatched in blue to denote Lot 1 and red to denote Lot 2.

LOT 1: Lot One comprises of approximately 49.59Ha (122.54 Acres) of Grade 2 Arable Land with nine arable parcels located in Cowbit Wash and Peak Hill (as shown hatched BLUE on the attached Plan.)

LOT 2: Lot Two comprises of approximately 49.25Ha (121.69 Acres) of Grade 1 and 2 Arable Land with seven arable parcels located in Cowbit and Cowbit Wash (as shown hatched RED on the attached Plan.)

Being offered to let by Informal Tender. Informal Tenders are to be received by 12 Noon on Monday 1st August 2022 to the Selling Agent’s Spalding Office.

LAND AND SOILS CLASSIFICATION: The land is classified as Grade 1 and 2 agricultural land on the Land Classification Map of England & Wales. The land is further classified by the Soil Survey of England and Wales as a mixture of the Wallasea 2 Association of Soils described as being ‘deep stoneless clayey soils, calcareous in places. Some deep calcareous silty soils’ and the Downholland 1 Association of Soils described as being ‘deep stoneless clayey or calcareous silty soils mainly with a humous surface horizon’. Both soil types are stated as being capable of growing crops such as ‘cereal, sugar beet potatoes, field vegetables and horticultural crops’.

ACCESS: Many of the parcels of land are accessed by grass or metalled tracks as shown on the attached Plan. Further information can be obtained from the Letting Agents.

METHOD OF LETTING: The land is offered To Let in two lots or as a whole by Informal Tender. The closing date for Tenders is 12 noon on Monday 1st August 2022. Tenders are to be submitted on the enclosed Tender Form and returned to our Spalding Office at 5 New Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 1BS in a sealed enveloped marked “98.84 Hectares (244.23 Acres) or Thereabouts Arable Land at Cowbit, Cowbit Wash & Peak Hill– J & L K Braybrooks Ltd.”

TENANCY: The land is offered To Let on an initial five-year fixed term Farm Business Tenancy Agreement with a commencement date of 11th October 2022. The Tenancy will be produced on a Lincolnshire Association of Agricultural Valuers Farm Business Tenancy Agreement, a copy of which is available from the Letting Agents upon request.

RENT, INSURANCE & VAT: Rent will be payable half yearly in advance, the first payment will be due on the signing of the Tenancy Agreement. Rent will thereafter be payable on 6th April and 11th October in each year. VAT is currently not payable on the rent. In the event that the property or any part thereof, any rights, contracts, quotas or Entitlements become chargeable supply for the purpose of VAT, any such taxes will be payable in addition to the rent at the appropriate rate. Rent reviews will be in accordance with the default terms of the provisions of the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995. The Tenant(s) will be responsible for having Public Liability Insurance in place to a suitable level.

SERVICES: It is believed that there are no services connected to any of the land and any interested parties should make their own enquiries into this.

RIGHTS OF WAY, WAYLEAVES AND EASEMENTS ETC: The land is let subject to, and offered with, the benefit of all existing rights, including rights of way, whether public or private, light, support, drainage, water, electricity, and other rights, easements, quasi-easements, and all wayleaves, whether referred to specifically in these Particulars or not. The Landlord will retain any wayleave payments in respect of the farm.

We are not aware of any Public Rights of Way which affect the land.

MAINTENANCE: The Tenant(s) will be responsible for the maintenance of the dykes along with the Internal Drainage Board (where appropriate.)

TENANT RIGHT, DILAPIDATIONS & HOLDOVER: Tenant right may be chargeable at the commencement of the tenancy. More details are available from the Letting Agents. There will be no claim allowed for dilapidations (if any) at the commencement of the tenancy, but dilapidations will be charged if appropriate at the end of the tenancy.

There is to be a right of holdover for the removal of the growing crops until 31st December 2022, with the exception of the growing crop of sugar beet where there will be a right of holdover for the harvest and removal of the crop until 28th February 2023.

CONTRACTS AND QUOTAS: There are no contracts or quotas available with the letting(s).

SPORTING RIGHTS: There will be no Sporting Rights included with the letting of the land.

There is a requirement that the successful Tenant(s) will not crop the areas currently demarked as game cover to allow the ongoing growing of game cover.

DRAINAGE RATES: The Tenant(s) will be responsible for the payment of the annual Drainage Rates to the Welland & Deeping Internal Drainage Board and the South Holland Internal Drainage Board.

EARLY ENTRY: Early entry to the land may be possible, subject to the Farm Business Tenancy being completed and the first instalment of rent being paid. Early Entry will be at the risk of the incoming Tenant(s).

BASIC FARM PAYMENT & ENVIRONMENTAL SCHEMES: The land is registered with the Rural Payments Agency and has been used to claim the Basic Farm Payment. The relevant number of Basic Farm Payment Entitlements are included within the letting of the land to enable the tenant to claim the Basic Farm Payment on all the eligible area of land being offered.

The outgoing Tenant has claimed and will retain all payments on the land being offered in respect of the 2022 claim year. It will be the responsibility of the successful tenderer to comply to the cross-compliance regulations of the claimant of the 2022 Basic Farm Payment up to and including the 31st December 2022 on the land and indemnify the 2022 Basic Farm Payment claimant in the event of a breach by the successful tenderer on the land.

The land is not currently entered into any Environmental Schemes.

PLANS, AREAS & SCHEDULES: These Particulars and Plans have been prepared as carefully as possible. It should be noted that the Plans have been specifically prepared ‘for identification purposes only’ and, although believed to be correct, their accuracy is not guaranteed. The areas have been taken from a combination of the Rural Payments Agency’s Rural Land Register and the Ordnance Survey Promap System.

BOUNDARIES: The successful tenant shall be deemed to have full knowledge of all boundaries.

Interested parties are invited to walk the land during daylight hours with a set of these Particulars to hand and should, at all times, for their own personal safety, take appropriate precautions to ensure that no damage occurs either to themselves or to the land, or any part thereof.

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Reference: 35574_101505013906

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5 New Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 1BS
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