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A Date for your diaries - Mayfair Office Regional Meetings

We have reached the time of year when we hold the Mayfair Office Regional Meetings. These are always well attended and we have already had several members checking that they haven't missed them this year!

For those who have not attended a meeting in the past, they are a great way to meet your non-competing Mayfair colleagues and share ideas and discuss current issues, as well as hearing the latest from Mayfair Office.

Attendance is not restricted to partners and principals, so please think about bringing your managers and negotiators. Those firms who have done this in the past have said how much it helps staff less familiar with Mayfair and its other members to feel part of the network.

The format is generally the same for each meeting; 9am coffee, 9.30 start, break for coffee mid-morning and then a 12.30/1.00 finish. The meetings are regionalised but if you happen to work in Yorkshire, but be on holiday in Devon, we would love to see you. Full details (click here) and booking form (click here) attached.


  • Wednesday 3rd May – Home Counties
  • Thursday 4th May – West Country
  • Tuesday 9th May – West Midlands
  • Wednesday 10th May – The North
  • Thursday 11th May – East Anglia

For more details or to book your place, please contact us.

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