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House and Kerb Appeal
It is very important that your property shows well to prospective buyers. A little time setting out your stall can make all the difference.

To get top price a house or flat must appeal not only to a buyer’s requirements of size and location but also to his senses.

Sellers should never forget that inside a property there is so much potential to offend a buyer’s eye, ear and nose.

Little can be done about size and location but the look, the sound and the smell of a property can always be improved if necessary.

Most sellers will appreciate that their property should be kept particularly clean when buyers are on the prowl. But it is best to look at the whole property through all a buyer’s critical senses.

De-cluttering is vital to make the space look as large as possible. There should be a place for books, magazines, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc. and all these things should be in their rightful places. Removing just one piece of furniture from a room can make a big impact to the sense of space. Gloss black and purple walls may be some people’s idea of great interior design. But many buyers would run a mile. Repaint in white – it looks clean, offends no one and makes rooms look larger. Don’t worry about the cost. The uplift in value should far outweigh the outlay.

Would you prefer the smell of fresh flowers, coffee and baking bread or the odour of somebody else’s stale pungent cooking? It’s best to remove spicy foods from the menu for a while. Do buy an expensive candle or two and light them up before potential buyers arrive - they will be delighted to follow their nose.

Does your property sound good? Is there loud music playing or an off-putting television in the background? Turn them off. Are there young children screaming? Turn them off too. Let peace reign. Or if there is ambient noise from outside such as traffic or aircraft play some low level classical music to sooth the ear and deflect attention. Mozart is always a good choice when selling property.

Finally don’t forget the first impression. Most unkempt front gardens precede an unkempt house. Cut the grass. Prune the plants. Hide the dustbin. Store away the red plastic slide that had faded to pink in the sun.

Follow these rules, price sensibly, gird yourself for cancellations, no shows and tactless viewers and you are on your way to sweet smelling selling success. You will be gone long before the sellers down the road - who live in an overpriced tip within a jungle, and are only are prepared to let people see the property every second Tuesday - ever wake up and smell the coffee.

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