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A familiar face joins the team at Zoe Napier Country & Equestrian

Nick Churton of Mayfair Office was delighted to hear today that Toni Thorpe, a long standing and experienced agent in the sale of country & equestrian property throughout Essex, has joined the leading specialists, and Mayfair Office members, Zoe Napier Country & Equestrian.

This is considered a very popular move for Toni, by Zoe herself and also many longstanding clients who believe that the new team of key players, Zoe Napier, Eve Reed and now, Toni Thorpe offer an unrivalled and heavily bespoke service. 

Zoe Napier said, “I am delighted ex-colleague Toni has joined the team, she is well known for her experience and success and once featured in a national newspaper ‘Diary of an Estate Agent’. Toni, who has personally moved no fewer than 9 occasions during her married life, said “I know just how important it is for clients and buyers to have a caring, experienced and confident person at the end of the phone who above all is willing to listen and just make things happen”. 

Nick Churton adds "Toni is such a warm hearted person as well as a really good estate agent. We were thrilled when we heard that she had found her way home to Zoe's team" 

Photo: Toni Thorpe alongside the restored Tantivy Road Coach owned by Terry Chambers of Ashfields Polo & Carriage Driving Centre) 

For further details please contact:

Zoe Napier Country & Equestrian

Telephone: 01621 840333

Mobile: 07584 583358


Web site: