8 May

Mayfair Group Annual Regional Conferences – Spring 2012

Mayfair Group Annual Regional Conferences – Spring 2012


One of the best ways of really getting to know what is going on in the property market is not to read the papers or listen to the neighbours but to talk to a good and well-respected estate agent who is working in the market day after day.  Better still, talk to a group of good and well-respected estate agents.

It was just such a group of independent agents who recently met at the influential Mayfair Group annual regional conference. The Mayfair Group represents over 120 firms worldwide with more than 450 offices.  In the UK alone there are over 300 offices working in 47 counties.

Nick Churton of Mayfair Office said "It was a very positive series of meetings indeed - the most positive in some years.  Of course there were the expected grumbles about mortgage supply and conveyancing delays, but even these seemed a little milder than in previous years. The general feeling was that while the economy has gone into a double dip the residential property market in most parts of the country has not.  Indeed it seems that the market generally has stabilised.  Few, perhaps, were prepared to voice strong opinions as to whether the market has finally turned the corner, but all reported that greater activity has brought a fresh impetus which should bode well for the future.

“Everyone agreed that the mild winter had meant an earlier than usual kick-off to property sales this year, and that buyers and sellers, weary of waiting for the market to improve, are now prepared to move regardless of the prevailing conditions.

“It seems that the house buying and selling public have realised the market will never get back to normal, as there really is no normal in property.  In this they are very correct.  When moving home there is no time like the present.”